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Now you know your getting old when you get excited to put on the new sheets on your super king size bed,this was a investment after having Savannah and believe me we have never looked back.(except for when we go to a hotel & it’s smaller than our one at home)So it’s Monday night & I literally couldn’t wait to try out my new B sensible fitted sheets in dark pink & it magically does what it says on the tin it’s beautifully soft, breathable & waterproof which is fab especially for Mums with kids running in and out of their beds!It’s Made from Tencel a 100% natural fibre that comes from eucalyptus trees, it is the first 2 in 1 fitted protector that acts like a second skin and is as soft as silk and as cool as linen.I love this because I have super sensitive skin & hate nothing more than being uncomfortable in bed which has happened a lot in the past with other brands.

The fit of the sheet is perfect & since leaving the mattress it hasn’t pulled of on the corners like our last set of sheets did, which is a plus & helps my marriage last longer.(I don’t need to shout at hubby to say stop pulling the sheets off) last but not least is the sheets are all waterproof so this means you will not need a mattress protector as well as the sheet so saves time in making the bed and is proving a huge plus whilst I’m trying to get Savannah potty trained! All in all the sheets have worked perfectly and I have been very impressed.

The Savvy Mummy xxx

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