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Lumity for life.........

Recently I have been really noticing how dry & tired my skin has been especially around my eyes & at the time of the month I have started getting break outs on my chin,so when I was sent some food supplements from @lumity and asked if I would like to trial them I thought this couldnt have happened at a better time.So I decided why not have a go & see if they really work,as my face definetly needed some sort of boost.Lumity supplements are food supplements to be taken 3 in the morning (mocha colour tablets) & 3 in the evening (white tablets)they are aimed to help you sleep better & help your skin improve by supplying you with the vitamins you may lack such as A,B,C & E. I have never taken supplements before so I am excited to see the outcome.I decided to put the tablets next to my tv remote in my bedroom so i woudnt forgrt to take them in the evening or mornings and started taking them as soon as i could.The results of the three month trial are as follows,I will add each month in as the tablest finish.

Month 0ne-

Results -

I have never had problems with sleeping so I haven't noticed anything with that so far but I have deffinetly noticed that I have been calmer,now this may just be a co-incidence but I guess we will see over the next few months.The big test will be when I ask my husband at the end of the few months.

My skin deffinetly feels more hydrated, I have less puffiness around my eyes & my general colouring is deffinetly brighter.I have read lots of reviews about how ladies pmt has calmed down & their periods have been not as heavy.So I am looking forward to seeing if this happens in month two, as i know it will take a while for the supplements to take effect with this,my periods have been very heavy since i gave birth

to Savannah so this would be great if it happens so heres hoping.


1. Take 3 Lumpy Morning when you wake up 2. Take 3 Lumity Night before you go to bed

I have also been using the Lumity Facial Oil which i apply at night & mornings all over my face & neck.The oil is the perfect complement to the food supplements with visible results already, which have included my face feeling more plumped up, smoother and firmer, . The oil is 100% natural and made with 32 different ingredients, which together provide the full range of optimal nourishment that my skin needs.

Some of the ingredients include-

Green coffee seed oil, {which is packed with antioxidants like chlorogenic acid}

Green tea leaf extract {which inhibits the enzymes that break down collagen and elastin}

Centella asiatica extract{ also known as ‘the fountain of youth’ which increases blood supply}

So far the results just from the oil have been amazing so here's to a more youthful,firmer plumped face.

To be continued.......................

The Savvy Mummy xxx

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