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Vero or not to Vero?

Monday morning whilst on Instagram all i kept hearing about, as most of you will know was Vero. Now I had no clue and still really don't about what this is or whats going to become off it.So i thought i would have a little look and let you all know some of the pros and cons that i have heard and seen about the app through friends or on Instagram and share it with you all.

Vero was first launched back in 2015 by billionaire Ayman Hariri,venture capalist Scott Birnbaum & Movie financier Motaz Nabulsi the app is said to be for users to tell the "truth"hence the name Vero which comes from the meaning of truth in Esperanto.

Now the app itself seems very similar to other social platforms with the scroll up,photos & videos very similar to Instagram.It also has likes posts and comments very similar to facebook so its very clever how they have tried to get all the best bits of the other apps and pulled them all together to make a new and exciting app.

The main benefit that Vero offers, I belive is that they have said they will not have paid adds or Algoritums which is what is letting Instagram down at the moment.Vero is going to charge subscribbers a small annual fee {that has not been revealed yet} but the first million to join will get it free.By doing this you will see peoples pics and shares as they show them rather than having to see adverts instead.

Veros other plus sides are it lets you share videos,books,music,movies,tv,places & links.Now the links is a fab idea as for someone like me who blogs, you can link the exact blog post you want up on you squares ,rather than people having to go through your bio and trying to find it on your website,so this is very exciting.Obvisoulsy since the buzz on Monday morning, lots of other people have been joining and so i haven't been able to go on it a lot to see how I feel about it and any time i've wanted to upload or find anyone it says it wont work & I just get the circle turning in the corner.[some people have said this has been done on purpose to to get some hype and excitment around the app}.I think its just teething problems but i think this may put people off as everyone wants to be part of it asap & could end up just not being bothered.

So there you have my thoughts, so far i thought i would write it all down with pros and cons and hopefully it will make it all a little clearer to me & you and we can see what to decide about the app.......

Pros -

-No ads

-No algorithums

-Share videos,books,art,and music.

-Fresh start

-People whos post you actually want to see on your post



-Slow set up

-Hard to delete

-From what i see there is not much diveristy in the Vero team(not one women in the top 14 men)

-Ayman Rafic Hariri -billionaire heir doest have the best track record to say the least!

-Having to start again.

-All the people youv'e connected with on other platfoms you will have to refind.

-Commission is paid to Vero if they sell something for you.

-Terms and conditions

I guess nobody really knows whats going to happen to Vero or any other social media platforms and time can only tell,so choose whats suits you & dont let anziety get in the way.If its getting to much for you just delete the app lifes to short.Im sure this wont be the last of instagram and i'm feeling like Instagram is my safe place,

so maybe for now i'll just carry on plooding along with my little squares............

The Savvy Mummy xxx

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