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Spice up to anxiety

Pinch me quick!

So I received a email early last week asking if I would like to go along & checkout the new range of nappies from the new brand @kitandkin.Of course I replied to the email straight away as had heard some great things about the new brand & wanted to see for myself if it was all true.One last thing i forgot to mention Emma Bunton the co founder of kit and kin would be there to talk us throught the products!

Friday morning i wake up really looking forward to heading into town to see & hear about the exclusive launch of the products,so i pop on some Sice Girls classics & head to Chelsea.Once i find the beautiful venue (A newly refurbished state of the art eco complex)I bump into another girl going to the event so we walk intogether.

The room looks beauitful all white with ballons, huge green trees & a huge projector showing Emma talking about the brand.

Im greeted by the lovely Eve & Alice who pop a glass of champagne in to my hand & ask how my journey is which instantly calms my nerves.We get about half an hour to just freely walk around mingle with the other bloggers & check out the beautifully displayed products on the tables,when all of a sudden theres silence & in walks the stunning Emma Bunton!Now inside im screaming like a teenanger thinking Hanna get a grip & control yourself & dont say anything to do with the Spice girls,but all thats going on in my head is spice up your life,slame it to the left if your having a good time!

We all sit around the table with the products infront of us & Emma Bunton & Christopher Money (founder of kit & kin) talk us through the award winnin brand and products.The brand has only been going 8 months & has already won seven awards & when you hear the passion for thebrand from hem its no wonder why they are doing so well.The packaging is beautiful so natural & clean,the smells are fresh & texures are soft but rich.My favourite product we were shown would have to be the beautiful nappies with cute prints of foxes ,tigers & pandas on the bottoms not only because they are super cute & make me broody from the adverts but they are eco friendly.Conventional nappies are one of the largest contributors to landfill in the world. In the UK alone we throw away 8 million nappies every day!When they told us this i was discusted and couldnt believe this was still allowed.The majority of the Kit & Kin nappies, including packaging, will biodegrade within only 3 to 6 years a huge difference to our future & planet which compared to conventional nappies that can take up to 500 years to biodegrade is incedible.Some of the other products they supply are wet wipes,bubble bath,body oil & the amazing magic salve.

After showing us all of tha amazing brand & giving us some treats to take home,we all had lunch with Emma & where allowed to ask questions.I was to scared as my anziety was at sky high & had taken over,so i just sat smiled & listered which is not like me at all!Later on i maanaged to talk to Emma & she completly eased my nerves & made me feel like i was talking to a friend.I guess thats how amazing she is being in the industry for so long ,she turned the questions around on me & made me feel totally at ease.

The whole event came & went to quickly, the company really made you feel like you wanted to know more, as they were all so passionate & clearly loved what they are doing.

If you care about the future for our kids & planet Kit & kin are making big footprints in changing how we think.Hopefully one day all nappy brands will have the same ethos.

So here i am with my new pin badge labeling me a brand ambassador, a bag full of goodies & a selfie pic with my new bestie Emma,thats Emma Bunton to you!

The Savvy Mummy xxx

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