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Reynolds Retreat

Reynolds spa Sevenoaks -

Driving through the beautiful surroundings, maybe getting a little lost , passing dog walkers & healthy runners, I suddenly pull up to Reynolds spa I can’t contain my excitement to have a whole day with the lovely Selena whilst relaxing & soaking up the child free day. Now don’t get me wrong Mummy guilt has definitely stepped in, as I left the house with Savannah saying "Mummy please don’t go to work I miss you." I had to grit my teeth and run to the car to make myself go. Luckily for me I meet Selena in the car park and as soon as I saw her I feel relaxed and excited for the day. We walk through the grounds into the reception area through a lovely old oak door and were greeted by a lovely receptionist who welcomed us to the spa and handed us a lovely tote bag which had our slippers, dressing gown and towel. I knew straight away I was going to like it here. After we fill in all food options and medical forms we were guided through the spa and shown the treatment rooms, ladies changing rooms and restaurant where we were to have lunch. Now, one thing Selena and I have in common is that we are both slightly clumsy and ditsy so finding toilets, deciding if we should take the totes down to the spa and generally getting around the place was hysterical .There are lots of rooms that we ended up entering including a boiler cupboard! Lucky for the men we didn’t end up in their changing room! Internal Sat Nav's on, we make our way down to the spa in our robes and slippers (which were slightly slippy so we decided to go barefoot in the end).

The spa area is beautiful, the sun was shining and the views outside were a perfect setting. They even have a little bridge over a stream that you can walk over whilst admiring the grounds. We didn’t manage to see staff at all whilst we were in the spa area which I think could be improved as there was lot of towels and random bits left around, which didn't help 'the zen' vibe we were wanting. However, we were so happy to be away from the kids and getting the chance to wee on our own that it really was not a problem. Reynolds Retreat has a brilliant spa with beautiful floor to ceiling windows that look out on to the amazing grounds and the views totally make you feel relaxed. There are lots of different treatments you can have including the full body massage that we were both treated to, if only the beautician had painted her toes! All in all we had a lovely day and would go back even just for the views.The lunch was tasty and they offered us lots of different options. We ended up with salads and very pretty desserts, so all in all a very laid back day had by all.

The Savvy Mummy xxx

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