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Floating Away My Fears

Since starting therapy over the past few months with the amazing charity, Mind, I have decided that I need to to try & be like my old self & try new things, start having adventures & be positive again! Since getting anxiety I’m brilliant at starting something & then talking myself out of it; so when I got a message from The Floatworks in Vauxhall asking me to go & try a session in one of their float tanks to help my anxiety, I jumped at the chance [“Actually thats not true I was petrified but I knew I needed to step out of my comfort zone to get better.”]. So, I got online & booked a session with the team. The day arrived sooner than I felt comfortable with but I knew it had to be done. I had to make the journey to Vauxhall on my own and Mr. Anxiety had arrived just in time & I was shitting it! Before my anxiety hit, I used to be able to travel all over the world by myself… But now two stops on the train is a massive deal. So, Hubby dropped me at the station; we had a big row as I was being really eggy & kept snapping at him. I cried as I boarded the train feeling a total mess. [Hubby didn’t see this; he would never have wanted to make me feel like this]

I was feeling hideous and decided to listen to a podcast to try & distract my brain. I chose the ‘Scummy Mummies’ as they say comedy is a really good distraction for anxiety! I chewed down hard on my chewing gum, listened to the podcast whilst waiting for the anxiety to slowly settle. My feelings took a U-turn & I actually started to enjoy being alone on the train (something us mums don’t get the chance to do very often). The train rolled into Vauxhall & I looked like a total nutter walking past the same newspaper man at least 6 times looking for The floatworks. My Google Maps was absolutely playing tricks on me… haha. Suddenly I spotted it hidden behind a bus & started to walk over….Guess what! Mr. Anxiety decided to come with me… Within seconds I was sweating & trying to talk myself out of going… (“I’ll just ring and tell them my train was cancelled… My babysitter cancelled”)… Anything to get out of it. I popped into the nearest shop, bought a bottle of water & rang Hubby who calmed me down and persuaded me to go into The floatworks. When I walked in, I instantly felt relaxed; everyone including the clients seemed very zen ,with beautiful smiles & I realised whatever they were on, I needed some of it!

I was greeted by a young guy who led me down the hallway where he took my shoes & provided me with some flip flops & towels. We made some small talk about my journey that made me feel relaxed and he asked me to follow him to the floating room. There was music playing in the background & there was a light smell of scented oils. The guy explained what to do & then left me to get on with it. I loved being left to my own devices; I had a little panic – if I didn’t go into the pod nobody would ever know so I just decided to stop being silly & get on with it! I had a quick shower, popped the ear plugs in then put one foot into the pod. [You can wear a swimming costume but I felt I wanted to try & feel as comfortable as possible so I went in absolutely starkers – noony ‘n’ all!] The pods are amazing; they’re like a big bath with a roof – very futuristic-looking… Think of a big, spaceship egg-looking bath. Once in the egg, the lights are dimmed & quiet music plays. I sat for 2 mins to reassure myself, then lay in the water. You decide when to pull the roof over. You can also prop the roof up with a towel if you don’t want to shut it completely.

I can’t really remember what I did in the pod for the hour, which is probably a good thing as that probably means I was super relaxed. Whilst you’re in the tank the lights fade to darkness & the music slowly turns to silence; you would never think that floating in this beautiful salt water would make you feel so zen, chilled & dare I say it, happy. When you leave the pod, it’s a feeling which is hard to describe; it’s almost like you’re in a dream. I felt totally at one with the world and couldn’t wait to get back in the pod! Mr. Anxiety had finally left me alone & I couldn’t keep the smile from my face.

Once showered and dressed you can use the ‘Hollywood Room’; straighteners, dryers, mirrors & creams are all available. I decided I was going to wear no make-up, leave my hair wet and be my natural self. I headed to the ‘Relaxation Room’ where you can drink herbal tea, read books about spirituality and of course you can do all this whilst laying on bean bags. I finally decided to leave and make my way back home. The journey home was completely different to my awful experience getting into town. My breath was more controlled and I walked at a more relaxed pace; I was able to take in my surroundings. Everything – from the couple walking in front of me holding hands, to the bright flowers on the stall.

I felt happy for the first time in a long time and I wanted to keep hold of this feeling. This feeling lasted longer than I thought possible. For the next fortnight I felt really positive and so I have booked up for many more. Thank you Floatworks.

Be Savvy and get floating!!!

The Savvy Mummy xxx

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