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The Flavour Generator

So,as you can tell I love my food and since meeting my hubby, who loves to cook we have tried lots of new foods,but a lot of the time its hard agreeing on what we both want to eat that night & sometimes,more than often I have to end up eating what he facies even if its super spicy.

So last night hubby & i decided to try the new Flavour Generator from HelloFresh which is like a fruit machine system, you type in what you fancy like [Indian,Chinese,Italian etc] then what you fancy [ spicy, sweet,tangy etc]then you hit generate my flavour & hey presto dinner is solved.

So we typed in Italian food & spicy in to the box & the magical Generator choice came back with Penne Arabiata which we absolutely love,so this was a brilliant choice!Savannah [my 2yr old]loved playing on the app & I think this was a really good way of getting kids involved with cooking,tasting new ingredients & including technology in the kitchen.The app told us it would take 20mins roughly so win win![if this hadn’t been a good choice then you can press spin again & it will give you another option]It then takes you to the recipe and you arrange the ingredients as you need them.

The recipe –


The very clever thing about HelloFresh is that they tell you the exact amount of ingredients you will need so you never waste or over use.[great for hubby haha]

The whole meal was laid out step by step & was so easy to follow like HelloFresh has done before it actually helps you to cook things you would never dream you could make.The perfect thing about the Flavour Generator is it makes you have a delicious meal you actually fancy that night without having to think [believe me as a mummy that is really important ]I will definetly be using this every week, as I’m sure it will help with choices & also help us introduce ingredients that my toddler might not usually get to taste.The Flavour Generator is a brilliant idea, the colours & pictures really captured Savannah’s attention & so fingers crossed she will want to join in when hubby or I cook in the future.All in all this was a win win dinner experience & I am looking forward to seeing what the Flavour Generator chooses for us tonight!

Tha Savvy Mummy xxx

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